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Lessons Learned from a Bad Boss on #NationalBossDay

Hey, it’s #NationalBossDay. So here are some things I learned that one time I had a REALLY BAD boss:

It’s not okay for your boss to put you down in front of coworkers or clients. Constructive criticism should be done in private.

Your boss should never question your sick days or make you feel bad for taking one. That’s what they’re there for. They shouldn’t tell your coworkers that you are lying about being sick either. Or make you work the full day from home if you took a sick day.

Micromanaging bosses just show they don’t trust their employees; and you want your boss to trust you. You were hired because you are capable, and do not let your boss make you feel like you aren’t.

Feedback should be able to go both ways. If you have questions or concerns, you should be able to talk to your boss about it.

Your boss shouldn’t take credit for the things that go right — they should share that credit with the people who worked on the project. Your boss shouldn’t throw you under the bus when something goes wrong.

You should be able to expect some appreciation and positive words from your boss. That is not unreasonable.

But having said all that, having that really bad boss has made me super appreciative of all of the truly wonderful bosses I’ve had over the years.


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