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Google’s New Update Focuses on “Helpful Content”

Google’s latest algorithm update targets websites that put out content just to put out content. If your website is written more for search engines – stuffed with keywords and hard to read – you may be hit by this update. However, if you kept your target audience in mind when you were creating content for your website, you probably already have helpful content that shouldn’t be hit by the update.

What is the Update?

Google updates the algorithm all the time. Some updates are just bigger than others. This one might have a pretty big impact on some websites. For so long, people have been focused on keyword and SEO writing, but sometimes that writing style isn’t the best for your audience, an actual human, to read.

This update will make it so Google’s search results are returning web pages more in line with what someone actually searched. However, if you are hit by the update in a negative way, it will hit your whole site instead of just a single page.

How Can I Make Sure I Have Helpful Content?

If you’ve already been writing with your audience in mind, you don’t need to be too worried. You should still take a look at your website and your blogs to make sure they have useful information that is relevant to your company.

Google shared some questions that you can use to build human centric content. These questions will help you keep your audience front of mind as you create content, and will make sure you keep your brand’s purpose in focus throughout the content creation process. Just like the name of the update says, you want to have helpful content for your audience. Answering questions and giving tips related to what your business does is a great place to start.

This update is rolling out now and will continue to roll out over the coming week. If you want someone to take a look at your website, conduct an audit of what content might need some work and write new “helpful” content, reach out. We’re happy to help your website be more in line with what Google – and your audience – is looking for these days!

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