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5 Quick Tips for B2B Social Media Success

Social media has become a way of life, so it’s important that you understand how and when it should be used in a B2B environment. It’s become an extremely effective marketing channel for both B2C and B2B industries, so here are five quick tips to help you find B2B social media success.

1. Figure out the right platforms, and focus on those. You don’t need to be on every single platform. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and others may all make sense — or only one may work for your business or industry. You only need to be where your customers and potential customers are, so focus your time and efforts there.

2. Focus on your brand’s value for your customers. What do you bring to the table to make their business run more efficiently or more productively? Your social media can be an extension of this value. Share content relevant to your industry that will make your customers’ lives easier and their businesses better.

3. Survey customers and/or followers. Find out why they follow you and what they are looking for in accounts they follow (yours and others). This can help you develop content that is in line with their expectations, as well as make them keep coming back for more.

4. Be sure to engage with your followers. Putting information about your products or services out there is great, but once people start engaging with you, it’s important that you engage in return. Retweets, likes and comments are all great ways to let people know you are paying attention and reading their comments on your social media profiles.

5. Measure your success. As you go along your social media journey, measure what is working and not working. Track your goals and objectives with key performance indicators (KPIs). Showing the value of social media for your business and the return on the investment is a great way to ensure you can continue down the path of social media content opportunities.


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